1. Lake Science and Ecology
    1. North American Lake Management Society (NALMS)
      1. Some Basics of Lake Science
      2. Student Video Series on Lake Processes (on YouTube)
    2. Boatlaw: Water Science and Lake Ecology
  1. Nova Scotia Dept of Environment
    1. Nova Scotia Lake Survey Program
  1. Mainland Nova Scotia Stewardship and Ecology Groups
    1. Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
    2. Clean Annapolis River Project
    3. Ecology Action Centre
    4. Helping Nature Heal (for naturalizing shorelines)
    5. NSLC Adopt A Stream
    6. Sackville Rivers Association
    7. Sandy Lake Conservation Association
    8. Shubenacadie Watershed Environmental Protection Society
    9. Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (including lots of info about lake processes)
    10. Williams Lake Conservation Company
    11. Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization
  2. Local Recreation & Lodging
    1. Silvercross Fishing Lodge on Lake
    2. Ski Wentworth
    3. Wentworth Hostel International
    4. Cottage rental A on Lake
    5. Cottage rental B on Lake
  3. Lake Real Estate
  4. News Articles
    1. Mattatall Lake appears clear of green toxic algae blooms, Truro Daily News, Nov, 9, 2017
    2. Glyphosate and the Politics of Safety, Halifax Examiner, Oct 7, 2016
    3. No answers for toxic blue-green algae bloom on Mattatall Lake,, Sept 10, 2016
    4. Human waste didn’t cause algae bloom in Mattatall Lake: DoE, Truro Daily News, Aug 30, 2016
    5. Pulp company’s spray program draws opposition, The New Glasgow News, Aug 22, 2016
    6. Growth of blue-green algae across Nova Scotia a concern: Dal AC prof, Queens County Advance, Feb 9, 2016
    7. Neurotoxin producing algae found in Mattatall Lake, Amherst News Citizen-Record, Jun 18, 2015