Shoreline Restoration

May 26, 2018

Kallyn DeGrace from Helping Nature Heal visited us on May 26 to give a workshop on Shoreline Restoration. She started with a presentation at the Wentworth Rec Centre, giving an overview of Algal blooms and what can be done to naturalize the lakeshore, followed by a lively question and answer session. A practicum then was held at Donna Spraklin’s cottage into more specifics of what to plant above the high water mark. She touched on ways to deal with slopes on land and also to soften shorelines to mitigate erosion. Kallyn brought many plants, allowing for some interesting conversations, including about alders (we must learn to embrace them though some of us will struggle!) and also about strawberries as ground cover. We have about 30 plants in pots left to distribute at the AGM. There are extra seed packets of clover (to use as a top dressing on lawns or as ground cover) and a selection of pollinators, which will be available at the AGM along with a raffle for a Helping Nature Heal Hat! There are also extra pamphlets on Algal Blooms (written for us) and on Living Shorelines to give away.